FADA Management Staff

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NameTelephone NumberOffice NumberRoleCampus
Prof Anthony Ambala+27 (0)11 559 1354115 FADAHead of Department for MultimediaBunting Road Campus
Prof Neshane Harvey+27​ (0)11 ​559 1072G034 Bunting Road Campus, FADA BuildingHead of DepartmentBunting Road Campus
Prof Desiree Smal011 ​559 1399G034 Bunting Road Campus, FADA BuildingVice DeanBunting Road Campus
Mr Martin Bolton011 559 1387Office G035, FADA BuildingHead of Department & Senior LecturerBunting Road Campus
Ms Farieda Nazier+27 (0)11 559 1130155, FADA BuildingHoD and PG co-ordinatorBunting Road Campus
Neera Chinnah011 559 1666G007 Bunting Road Campus, FADA BuildingMrsAuckland Park Kingsway Campus
Prof Schmahmann Brenda011 559 1705FL118ProfessorBunting Road Campus
Hön Eugene011 559 1386G026, FADA BuildingSenior LecturerBunting Road Campus
Tamara Francis
Prof Stéphane Laurent011-559-1110/1120/1111/1022Lower Ground Floor FADA BuildingFaculty of Art, Design & ArchitectureAuckland Park Kingsway Campus
Dr Finzi Saidi011 559 1592G024 FADA BuildingSenior LecturerBunting Road Campus