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Fashion is not just about the trendsetters

It is about understanding how people live, do and are. It is the fascination with why people choose to wear what they wear. If you look at a woman’s curves or a man’s masculine features, their natural beauty – how do you represent this to the world, how to give someone confidence to speak their unique body language with your chosen pattern, colour, stitch and fit?

The world of fashion is dynamic and fast-paced

To achieve success in the fashion industry, one not only has to be in touch with trends, you need to be different in your creative approach to change and influence prevailing taste. Fashion designers have to be aware of the latest developments in technology and aesthetics, as well as be proficient in economics, business and marketing.

Join this vibrant industry

Become a part of this exciting scene and inspire a difference by completing a Fashion Production or Fashion Design programme at the University of Johannesburg (UJ).

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