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Convoy Shop

The third year production students collaborated with Convoy shop, located in Melville. The aim of this collaboration was to get the students to design according to the market and style Convoy shop caters for. The thirds years produced incredible pieces that are now on sale at the Convoy Shop. The pictures on display here are from the launch of the FP3 range, an elegant night filled with an over flow of UJ Fashion Department talent.

Cutty Challenge

If you ask any of our fashion production 2 students, they will tell you that it is very much a challenge! The group spent many late nights and early mornings putting all their effort into creating the perfect pair of CUTTY jeans. The photos on display show just how different jeans can be, the versatility came from slashing, pockets, colours etc. This is a brilliant show of just how capable the students are at producing fashion.

Put some coats on

There are a number of subjects you complete when doing your fashion course, two of which are garment construction and pattern construction. As these are basic necessities in the world of fashion, the understanding of these two modules is crucial. The in progress coats are a display of what knowledge the 3rd years have learnt and how capable they are.

Down to Design

Our BTechs are the cream of the crop. They are the final year students in the Fashion Department. Not only have they handled 3 years of these incredibly tough courses, they have decide to delve a little deeper and better themselves with a 4th and final year of studies. The photos displayed here are the inner workings of the BTechs’ minds. Their designs, colour schemes as well as the inspiration. Have a look at what our BTechs are presenting

Mandela day activities

Fashion Design BTechs organised a charity collection for an organisation called Hotel Hope Ministries. This organisation assists mothers in need as well as runs an orphanage for 22 children of all ages. On Mandela Day the BTechs dropped off the collection and spent the afternoon with the children. The BTechs said it was an extraordinary and humbling experience. Thank you to everyone that donated and thank you to the BTechs for being a part of the change we need. #mandeladay #chatity #uj #fadafasion