Exhibition END OF YEAR EXHIBITION The FADA End of Year Exhibtion showcases the work
of all of the FADA Students. View our online exhibition
for all the dpeartments now.
Click Here
Complete Disciplines COMPLETE DISCIPLINES THE FACULTY HAS NINE ACADEMIC DEPARTMENTS Architecture ; Graduate School of Architecture (GSA); Fashion Design; Graphic Design; Industrial Design; Interior Design; Jewellery Design & Manufacture ; Multimedia and Visual Art. Design the Future DESIGN THE FUTURE Thinking about possibilities beyond the here and now.
Creating daring designs, building creative solutions,
and reimagine current systems. Designing the future!
Creativity through thinking CREATIVITY THROUGH THINKING Through thoughtful and imaginative thinking, we can transcend Boundaries, foster innovation, Promote creativity and give life to ideas that shape the world around us. Virtual Tour VIRTUAL TOUR Follow the link to view our state of the art facalities, lecture halls and auditorium. Click Here

View our State of the Art Facilities here