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Senior Lecturer
Name: Lee-Ann Sade Modley
Location: D2 Lab 344B Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
Geography Environmental Management Energy Studies Staff  Staff Members

Contact Details:
Tel: +27 (0) 11 559 3928


About Dr Lee-Ann Sade Modley



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PhD (Environmental Management) (UJ)
MSc (Environmental Management) (UJ)
Bsc Honours: General Zoology (UJ)
BSc: Natural Sciences (Zoology and Human Physiology) (UJ)


Dr. L.S Modley has an Aquatic Science and Environmental Management background. Currently, she teaches Environmental Management at second-year level and third-year level as well as Strategic Environmental Managementat honours level. She also supervises student research projects at both undergraduate and postgraduate level and is the Local Director of the SteDe international masters degree ( Her research interests are in Environmental Management issues, different aspects of sustainability and Water Resource topics.
Successfully supervised research projects include:
  1. Water pollution and water quality studies;
  2. Integrated water resource management
  3. Environmental assessment
  4. Environmental management and monitoring
  5. Environmental and social sustainability
  6. Sustainable Finance