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​Prof ​Samantha Ashman​

​Prof ​Samantha Ashman​
School of Economics Academic Staff
Associate Professor, Director of UJ-IDEP MPhil in Industrial Policy, and Co-ordinator of the Industrial Development and Policy Research Cluster

Contact Details
31 Henley Road, Auckland Park
+27(0)11 559 3240
Auckland Park Campus

Highest qualificationPhD (Birmingham, UK)
Lecturing: Modules with short description

Industrial Policy: Comparative Historical Experiences and Conceptual Frameworks

Field(s) of research

Post-apartheid economic development in South Africa; financialization; industrial development and industrial policy; the state and economic development; combined and uneven development; political economy
List of publications

'The South African Economy: The Minerals-Energy-Finance Complex Redubbed?' in G. Khadiagala, P. Naidoo, D. Pillay and R. Southall (eds.) New South African Review 5 (Johannesburg: Wits University Press 2015) pp. 67-84

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'NUMSA, The Working Class and Socialist Politics in South Africa' (with N. Pons-Vignon) Socialist Register, No. 51, 2014, pp. 93-111(re-published online in Italy

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'Systems of Accumulation and the Evolving South African Minerals-Energy Complex' (with B. Fine and S. Newman) in B. Fine, J. Saraswati and D. Tavasci (eds.) Beyond the Developmental State: Industrial Policy into the 21st Century (London: Pluto 2013) pp. 245-267

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