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​Prof Peter Teske

​Prof Peter Teske
Department of Zoology - Academic

Contact Details
D3 Lab 339
+27(0)11 559 3373     

​Private website

Highest qualification
Field(s) of research
Marine biology, Evolution, Conservation biology, Estuarine ecology, Population genomics, eDNA metabarcoding
Lecturing: Modules with short description

BSc honours: Population Genetics and Biosystematics
3rd year: Physiology (Advanced Integration)
List of publications (10 most recent)​
  1. Ntuli NN, Nicastro KR, Zardi GI, Assis J, McQuaid CD, Teske PR (2020) Rejection of the genetic implications of the ‘Abundant Centre Hypothesis’ in marine mussels. Scientific Reports 10:604. 
  2. Emami-Khoyi A, Benmazouz I, Ross JG, Boren LJ, Muphy EC, Jansen van Vuuren B, Teske PR, Paterson AM (2020) A survey of the oral cavity microbiome of New Zealand fur seal pups (Arctocephalus fosteri). Marine Mammal Science 36: 334-343.
  3. Tladi M, Dalu T, Rogers DC, Nyamukondiwa C, Parbhu SP, Teske PR, Emami-Khoyi A, Wasserman RJ (2020) The complete mitogenome of the fairy shrimp Streptocephalus cafer (Lovén, 1847) (Crustacea: Branchiopoda: Anostraca) from an ephemeral pond in Botswana, southern Africa. Mitochondrial DNA Part B 5: 6230625.
  4. Teske PR, Sandoval-Castillo J, Emami-Khoyi A, Golla TR, von der Heyden S, Beheregaray LB (2019) Thermal selection as a driver of marine ecological speciation. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 286: 20182023.
  5. Klein JD, Bester-van der Merwe AE, Dicken ML, Mmonwa KL, Teske PR (2019) Genomic resources for the spotted ragged-tooth shark, Carcharias taurus. African Journal of Marine Science 41:115-118.
  6. Klein JD, Bester-van der Merwe AE, Dicken ML, Mmonwa KL, Teske PR (2019) Reproductive philopatry drives age-related population structure in a coastal shark. Marine Biology 166:25.
  7. Teske PR, Golla TR, Sandoval-Castillo J, Emami-Khoyi A, van der Lingen C, von der Heyden S, Chiazzari B, Jansen van Vuuren B, Beheregaray LB (2018) Mitochondrial DNA is unsuitable to test for isolation by distance. Scientific Reports 8: 8448.
  8. Jooste CM, Oliver J, Emami-Khoyi A, Teske PR (2018) Is the Wild Coast in eastern South Africa a distinct marine bioregion? Helgoland Marine Research 72:6.
  9. Mkare TM, van Vuuren BJ, Teske PR (2017) Conservation implications of significant population differentiation in an endangered estuarine seahorse. Biodiversity and Conservation 26:2175-1293
  10. Whitfield A, Mkare TM, Teske PR, James N, Cowley PD (2017) Life histories explain the conservation status of two estuary-associated pipefishes. Biological Conservation 212:256-264.
  11. Teske PR, Sandoval-Castillo J, Waters J, Beheregaray LB (2016) An overview of Australia's temperate marine phylogeography, with new evidence from high-dispersal gastropods. Journal of Biogeography.