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Banking Details

The following payment methods can be used when making payment to UJ.

Cash Paying Students – UJ Account details.

Account Name: UJ Tuition Fee
Bank: First National Bank (FNB)
Account Type: Cheque
Account Number: 62 615 873 199
Brach Code: 210 554
Reference: Student Number Only

Click the link below to make a card payment.

uLink – Login (

1.Students with a valid UJ Student Number, using electronic banking
The new UJ FNB Tuition Fee account is available as a pre-defined beneficiary on the
Electronic platforms of all the major banks, including Capitec Bank.
Search for the predefined beneficiaries on your own electronic banking platform,
Select as per each Major Banks below:

For CAPITEC search “University of Johannesburg – Student Number”
For STANDARD BANK search “University of Johannesburg”
For FNB search “UJ Tuition Fees (fnb)”
For NEDBANK search “UJ Tuition Fee”

IMPORTANT: Use your valid UJ student number as reference.

2. Students with a valid UJ Student Number, using any FNB Branch
Visit any FNB Branch to make a payment into the UJ Tuition Fee Account.
The teller should select the UJ tuition fees account for payment.
Use your valid UJ student number as reference.

3. Students with a valid UJ Student Number, using any FNB Cash accepting ATM.
Cash deposit: use any FNB cash accepting ATM.
Select the card less services option on the ATM.
Select Deposit Cash.
on FNB Recipient Name (option), key in UJ and then space Select UJ tuition fees account.

4. Students without a valid UJ student number, but a valid South African ID Number or Passport Number can use the following account.
FNB UJ Bursary account details Account number:

Please search a Pre-defined Beneficiary Name:

search for “UJ BURSARY ACCOUNT”.

Cheque Account Number 626 158 73280
Branch name: FNB Client Services Branch
Branch Code: 210 – 554