Kilimanjaro Junior Men’s Residence

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Built on the hills of Cottesloe, near Auckland Park in Johannesburg, South Africa is Kilimanjaro Men’s Residence.

Kilimanjaro caters for 310 junior male students from the Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus (APB Campus). The Residence is a neat high rise building with eleven floors that consist of five sharing and twenty one single rooms on each floor.

Kilimanjaro is managed a by the Residence Manager with the support of the following personnel:

  • One floor representative per floor – this means we have eleven of these representatives in Kilimanjaro They assist and work hand-in-glove with the House Committee members ensuring that residents on their floor are well represented.
  • One security officer per shift 24/7 – to ensure that safety is achieved in our residence we at least one security guard on duty dedicated to Kilimanjaro Men’s Residence 24 hours a day every day.
  • Six full-time cleaners – hygiene is important to us and therefore we make sure that our residences are properly cleaned all year round. Hence we have these full-time cleaners who make sure that our residence is kept to the most possible hygienic standards at all times.


Residence assistant
Mr Thapelo Pule
Tell: +27 11 559 1337

House warden
Mr Anthony Ambala
Tell: +27 115591354