Sustainable food choices on campus

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The Kerzner@UJ

A culinary, special events, and hospitality services hub within the University of Johannesburg (UJ).

The Kerzner@UJ Restaurants and Bar

The Design Café

“Adjoining the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (FADA), the Design Café is well placed.

A hive of student creative energy and zest, the café is known for its designer coffees of origin. Grab a cuppa on the go, or sit back and enjoy your hot beverage with a light sandwich or snack.

In recognising that the majority of smallholder coffee farmers on the African continent are kept poverty stricken due to a lack of market access and production resources. The specialty coffee beans are ethically sourced through various partnerships from country of origin, traceable to the farms and cooperatives that grow them. This provides for a much more sustainable system of production for the farmers in the respective regions.”

UJ STH Madibeng Restaurant

UJ STH Madibeng Restaurant Weekly Meal of the Day Menus (including Vegetarian and/or Vegan Options)

UJ STH Madibeng Restaurant Takeaway Sandwich and Salad Menu