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Staff Housing:
Staff Accommodation and Relocation

UJ Staff Accommodation on Campus

Refer to the UJ Staff Accommodation on Campus Policy:

Policy Statement

“The University of Johannesburg, as part of the recruitment and retention strategy, provides rental accommodation on and around campus to new permanent academics, visiting academics / research fellows, postdoctoral fellows as well as new senior permanent support employees.

In exceptional cases, areas such as the Operations environment may need temporary campus accommodation for employees on shift and standby work.

Access to university accommodation is not a condition of employment and is extended to employees as a benefit subject to availability. The period of occupancy is normally for a maximum period of six (6) months, but can, in exceptional circumstances, be extended to a maximum period of twelve (12) months.”

UJ Staff Housing Assistance

UJ Staff Relocation Expenses

Refer to the UJ Conditions of Services – Relocation Expenses Policy:

1.   Introduction


From time to time, the University finds it necessary to recruit individuals who reside outside the greater Johannesburg area (see definition below) in order to meet the strategic human capital needs of the institution.


In such cases, potential employees will incur relocation costs and in order to secure their services these costs should be borne by the University.


In addition to the above, the South African Revenue Service (SARS) allows certain tax-free incentives to individuals who relocate from one geographical area to another; with a mandatory requirement for the submission of receipts for all expenses incurred.


The University will provide for the reimbursement for settling expenses, but it remains the responsibility of the employee to provide the required documentation to the Institution.”

UJ International Staff Recruitment: Housing, Accommodation and Relocation

Refer to pages 16-19 (points 18, 20 and 21) of the UJ Recruitment of International Staff Guidelines:

18.   Relocation

“As the recruitment of Non-South African residents is a rare occurrence, each application for relocation costs will be considered on its merits and will be funded from central discretionary funds.


On acceptance of the employment offer by a prospective International staff member, the responsible HRBP will facilitate the relocation process and will advise the employee in accordance to the D41 – Relocation Expenses Policy as approved by MEC.


Furniture Removal cost for staff recruited outside of the Borders of South Africa will be borne by both the Faculty/Division (60% of the total removal costs) and HR (40% of the total removal costs). In instances where the Faculty/Division is not able to bear such cost, requests for assistance should be submitted to the CFO, who will review and approve and provide such funding from the Central Funding.


The UJ will pay no other furniture removal costs with respect to the relocation of an individual, other than household goods, without prior approval in writing.

20.   Arrival and Accommodation

20.2   Accommodation


Accommodation expenses paid for one (1) month by Faculty/Division/Central fund or when available housing at the UJ will be provided to staff for a period of one (1) month, after which staff member needs to secure own accommodation.

21.   Relocation Expenses


Each application for relocation costs will be considered on its merits and will be funded from Central Discretionary Funds.


International staff will be required to sign an appropriate contract with the UJ to cover their relocation expenses. Should a staff member leave the UJ, the UJ will not be responsible for the payment of his/her relocation from Johannesburg.


A relocation allowance of one (1) month taxable basic salary is payable to staff member with first month salary. This will be in lieu of submission of receipts for purchase of school uniforms, curtains, etc.


Refer to D41 – Relocation Expenses Policy.”

UJ Staff Remuneration and Benefits