The OGC was established in January 2016, and comprises a dynamic team of legal professionals and an executive personal assistant. All the professional members are either admitted attorneys or corporate counsel under the Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014 and have expertise in various areas of the legal spectrum. The OGC aims to continuously infuse high performance with integrity and sound risk management.

The OGC seeks to be a trusted partner of UJ’s governance and management structures, its office-bearers, and employees in respect of institutional affairs, whom the Office sees as its clients. It seeks to achieve this by being recognised for its creativity, expertise and commitment to the University’s vision, mission, and values. The OGC seeks to ensure diversity and an inclusive culture which promotes ethical behavior, respect, and inclusivity. The General Counsel’s Office has an inherent integrity that is cemented within its core.

We not only ask the question “Is it Right” but “Is it Legal”?