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2022 FYS goes virtual


Congratulations on completing your matric in these difficult times and Welcome to your first year of study at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). This could be the most interesting and rewarding period of your life. We hope you make the most of this opportunity,

About FYS/O

The UJ First Year Seminar/Orientation (FYS/O) is a comprehensive programme designed to integrate all students entering the university for the first time. It is facilitated online and is hosted on Learner Management system called Blackboard. Attendance is compulsory for all first years. By facilitating the transition from school to university and the integration of new incoming first year students into the tertiary system, the programme remains central to student success at a first year level.

Who should attend?

All accepted and registered new or first entering UJ first year students.

Steps on how to participate in FYS/O:

Step 1: Register as a UJ Student

The first step is to register with the University for the Qualification you have been accepted for.  If you are not registered yet follow the step-by-step registration guide below to  legally register as a UJ student.

Register As A Uj Student


Once you have registered as a UJ student, you will receive a letter(s) from Central Academic Administration. In the letter(s), amongst other there is information regarding getting started as a first year student, there will be a link to join online guided blackboard sessions.

Enrolment into the orientation module will happen 24 hours after you have registered. The Centre for Academic Technologies will send you notification via SMS or e-mail alerting to the enrolment in the faculty or College specific orientation module. It is crucial to know which faculty you are registered in and the school you will be studying under.

Step 2: Attend online guided blackboard sessions

To participate in the guided Blackboard and faculty specific orientation  of the following gadgets is required:

Computer/Laptop/Tablet/iPad/Smart cellphone as well as internet connectivity or data to access the online orientation module.

The online guided blackboard sessions will assist you on how navigate Blackboard and faculty or college specific First Year Orientation module. The sessions will run from 2 to 11 February (excluding weekends). See the schedule below for dates and times:

Online Live Blackboard Q&A session DatesTime Slots
Wed to Fri   2-4 Feb

10:30 – 11:30

12:00 – 13:00

14:30 – 15:30

Mon to Fri   7- 11 Feb



You are required to attend ONE session. However, if you feel that you need to attend more than once, you are free to do so.

Step 3: Access and participation in your faculty specific FYS/O module

Faculty Specific First Year Orientation Modules and Codes

The university of Johannesburg has eight first year seminar/orientation modules

Faculty First Year Orientation Module code
Faculty First Year Orientation College of Business and EconomicsCM0456
Faculty First Year Orientation Faculty of EducationCM0461
Faculty First Year Orientation Faculty of Art, Design and ArchitectureCM0457
Faculty First Year Orientation Faculty Engineering and the Built EnvironmentCM0458
Faculty First Year Orientation Faculty of Health SciencesCM0460
Faculty First Year Orientation Faculty of HumanitiesCM0459
Faculty First Year Orientation Faculty of LawCM0462
Faculty First Year Orientation Faculty of ScienceCM0463

How to access the faculty or College specific first year orientation module?

  • Log onto uLink (For Password set-up click here:
  • Click on Blackboard (Click here for help to find Blackboard:
  • Go to Organisations (under courses)
  • Click on Organisations
  • Search for First-Year Orientation, which will have your Faculty, College, and/or School name.
  • Then you can access and start to participate in the three part section orientation module.

Technical support available

Should you struggle to access the module, you can send an email to  (Mon -Fri 08:00 -16:00) Please ensure that you include your student number and your faculty or college in the email.

Physical Support Available

In the event that Covid-19 has been managed and students are expected to be back on campus, the University will ensure that physical support is available for first years upon arrival on campus. The First Year Experience office will put together the FYS/O team to help you navigate the campus and answer basic questions you may have. The team will be dressed in orange UJ safety vests with FYS printed at the back and caps for ease of identification (see image below).

Firts Year Experience Physical Support Available

Student Experience

To enhance the quality of the total student experience, the University of Johannesburg offers both academic and personal support to their students at no cost. To learn more about the services and how you can get assistance, download ‘The Toolbox Booklet’. Should you require a hard copy, you can collect one from the Academic Development Centre (ADC) on the campus where you are registered.

APBBlock K, First floor (above study and safekeeping centre)
APKD Ring 3 (Yellow block on the third floor)
DFCJohn Orr Building, ground floor (next to cyber centre)
SWCAdelaide Tambo Building


Should you require any assistance, please contact the First Year and Senior Student Experience (FYE-SSE) Office:

​Location​Contact number​Email address 
Yellow Block on the third floor: D Ring 3 Office Number 329011 559


When will lectures commence?

Classes for first-year students will start on 14 February 2022.

To know more about academic activities throughout the year, please download the academic calendar. Should you require one, you can collect a hard copy from the Academic Development Centre on any campus.

APBBlock K, First floor (above study and safekeeping centre)
APKD Ring 3 (Yellow block on the third floor)
DFCJohn Orr Building, ground floor (next to cyber centre)
SWCAdelaide Tambo Building


What if I register after classes have started?

You are still required to attend the online First Year Seminar/ Orientation to get an understanding of how the new environment works. The module will be accessible for the most part of the year.


The UJ Disability Unit

The UJ Disability Unit provides academic, technological, and psychosocial support to students with disabilities on all four UJ campuses.

The orientation for all first year and postgraduate students entering UJ for the first time will take place on Microsoft Teams, on Saturday 19 February from 09:00 to 11:00.

For more information, contact the UJ Disability Unit: or 011 559 3745.