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The Centre for Academic Technologies (CAT) supports teaching and learning through the use of innovative and advanced technologies. At CAT we engage, prepare, and support staff and students for UJ’s online learning environment. The centre has three main parts (i) Staff Support, (ii) Student Support, and (iii) Technical Innovation & Support. The staff support team are responsible for training all UJ staff on the learning management system and explore innovative tools for teaching and learning. We also work closely with staff on thinking through design that is inclusive and accessible for all students. Our student support team provide in-time responses to student queries via our helpdesk (student ticketing system), the team is also responsible to provide training to all students on the use of our learning management system and on basic computer skills. Finally, our technical innovation and support team manage the back-end and technical functionality of our learning management system (and additional software). This team also engages with thinking innovatively about the development of systems and processes; for example, our team members have developed a single sign-on portal called uLink that connects students to the UJ community online. Other innovations include a facial recognition system that assists us in the authentication of students during the handing out of devices to students.

At CAT we


Cat Innovate


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We offer:

System Support

Cat System Support

Staff & Student Training & Support

Cat Staff And Student Training Support

Online teaching and learning design & development

Cat Online Teaching

Development of digital learning artefacts

Cat Development Of Digital Learning Artefacts

Staff can Contact us at:

Email: moodle@uj.ac.za

Students can Contact us at:

Email: uhelp@uj.ac.za