Network and Telephony


The division of Networking maintains and supports a reliable, stable, and virus free network environment. Technical staff maintains network security through the administration of network access. Networking administers and maintains the Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) and wireless network. This division’s responsibilities include setting up and maintaining the network, attending to networking related queries, administering and maintaining the University server environment and maintaining a reliable and secured network wiring topology.

Networking also provides wireless infrastructure within selected academic and administrative buildings as well as student residences. Wireless services are provided for voice and data communication, this is the latest Wi-Fi technology for connection of wireless and mobile computing devices.


The campus Telephony service offering ensures end-to-end delivery of telecommunication services to user departments throughout the University. Delivery of telephony services includes coordination with external support vendors for equipment purchasing and provisioning, coordination with internal service providers for equipment installation, cabling, maintenance of back-end telephone systems and responses to user reported incidents.

The campus Telephony service platform allows for rapid adaptation of communications infrastructure and service offerings to meet operational challenges brought on by customer demand and organizational staffing requirements.

Users are also provided with an array of telephone devices to choose from to meet their specific business needs. IP-based telephones utilize the existing IP data network, along with connections to the existing standard PBX, to connect to a central point for local and long distance calling.