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​Tshianeo Marwala Scholarship Fund

Former Vice Chancellor and Principal, Professor Tshilidzi Marwala, launched the Tshianeo Marwala Scholarship in honour of his grandmother, Tshianeo Marwala in 2019.

The Tshianeo Marwala Scholarship is for women of underprivileged backgrounds, who are pursuing studies with a strong focus on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) at postgraduate level.

According to Prof Marwala the aim of the Tshianeo Marwala Scholarship is to grow the number of women from rural areas in the engineering area. At the launch event of the scholarship, Prof Marwala said “Being a woman engineer is different from being a male in the industry. Not better, not worse, but different”. South African women have made many advances in the tech and engineering industries in recent years, but much more work needs to be done to attract and retain women, particularly in areas such as engineering. The search for qualified and talented engineers remains one of the greatest challenges faced by companies across the globe. An even greater difficulty is attracting and retaining women engineers who are already sparse and comprise of only a small percentage of the available workforce in the sector. It’s important that women are visible in all areas of study, especially as we embrace 4IR.” That time is right now.

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