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Graduation FAQ's

Graduations are suspended for now and will be postponed to later dates.

Graduates will be informed of arrangements in due course.

1) I have not heard anything about my graduation ceremony. What is happening?

  • Ensure that your personal cellphone number and email address are updated with the university and download your letter on the graudaiton page of the UJ website.
  • If you have completed credits from another tertiary institution, the results may not yet be on the University's system or you may not have submitted documentation for credit. Please contact the relevant faculty.
  • If none of the above applies to you and your name does not appear on any of the graduation programmes please contact your relevant faculty to verify if you comply with all the requirements for your qualification to be awarded.

2) What is a virtual graduation ceremony? Do I need to attend the ceremony? What are the date and time of my graduation ceremony? 

  • The virtual ceremony takes the form of a video during which the Vice-Chancellor Prof Marwala awards the respective qualifications collectively on all those candidates who comply and whose names appear on the graduation programmes between 16 March 2020 at 09:00 at 13 May 2020 at 17:00. 
  • There are close to 13 000 candidates, thus it is unfortunately not possible to mention each name. Please rest assured, as soon as circumstances allow, we hope to host the graduates at a physical function. 
  • The date and time of the programme in which your name appears are found on your invitation letter which may be viewed and downloaded on the graduation web page. 
  • You do not have to attend the ceremony at a specific time as it is available on the UJ webpage for you to view and experience.

3) How can I contact the university regarding graduation matters?

  • Only once you have read the information on the Graduation webpage may you contact the following email addresses.

Certification Office certificates@uj.acza

Graduaton Office

4) I have a problem with using the selfie app. How do I use the selfie app?  

  • Please note that the app has now been rolled out worldwide. In the event you do get an international error, please  try and refresh or reinstall the application. 
  • The app has been rolled out for 32bit mobile devices as well as 64bit mobile devices, Please also do note that the app is now compatible with over 20 000 devices.
  • If the problem persists note that you might be using an older mobile device than can no longer update the android version due to firmware limitations on that users mobile device.

5) What is the UJ Alumni Network?

  • The UJ Alumni Network is committed to helping you to maintain contact with the University and its worldwide community and to keeping you informed and engaged.  It provides a range of opportunities for you to stay involved and contribute to the life of our University.
  • The involvement of alumni is crucial to the health and strength of UJ. Alumni provide important ties between the pass and the present, but also building blocks for the future. The Alumni Network helps to serve alumni needs and encourage their involvement and support.
  • The UJ Alumni Network identifies with the University’s positioning and transformation processes.  Its structures will therefore reflect the demographic profile of our alumni; and its activities will support specific values and principles.
  • The UJ Alumni Network is committed to being socially relevant​, not only for the University, but for the broader community. It underwrites the vision and mission of UJ.​​   

Who qualifies to be UJ Alumni?                                                                                                             

Alumni refers to all persons who have obtained a state subsidised qualification from UJ or its predecessors Rand Afrikaans University (RAU) and Technikon Witwatersrand (TWR). 

It is important for you to understand what alumni means as well as the different forms of alumni.

  • Alumnus is a male singular, who has graduated from an institute of higher learning.
  • Alumna is a female singular, who has graduated from an institute of higher learning.
  • Alumnae is plural for females who have graduated from an institute of higher learning.
  • Alumni is the collective term for both genders who have graduated from an institute of higher learning.
  • Pre-Alumni is the collective term for students that are still on the journey to obtain their qualification from an institute of higher learning.
  • For more information visit the Alumni webpage.
  • For queries email the Alumni Office on