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Student Life and Governance

Student Life and Governance is one of the three subdivisions of Student Affairs. The subdivisions of Student Affairs are Student Accommodation and Residence Life, Student Ethics and Judicial Services and Student Life and Governance (SL&G). SL&G consists of four areas of function, namely; Student Representative Council, Student societies, RAG and Student Newspaper. The strategy of Student Life and Governance is coiled around the University Strategy, specifically the goal of a preferred student experience. The processes guiding the operations of SL&G are characterised by the following key functions; Student Development and Training, Elections, Policy Review and Development, Administrative and Managerial Support.

Student Ethics and Judicial Services

At UJ the unit responsible for student discipline is referred to as Student Ethics and Judicial Services (SE&JS).

This unit fosters an ethical and value-based culture among students but its primary task is to deal with the administration of student discipline.​​

All students​ who are registered at the University of Johannesburg are subject to general student rules. These rules are contained in the S​tudent Regulations. If a student transgresses a rule of the Student Regulations a disciplinary process is followed as described in the Regulatio​ns for Student Discipline​.​​​​

This process is briefly as follows:

  • ​A complaint is lodged with the SE&JS unit.
  • The complaint is investigated.
  • If the investigation indicates that there is sufficient evidence, the student is charged to appear before the Student Disciplinary Committee.
  • The Student Disciplinary Committee considers all the evidence pertaining to the transgression and offers the charged student an opportunity to state his/her case before it makes a finding.

Students should take special notice of the importance with which the University regards academic integrity. A student who is found guilty of a transgression relating to academic dishonesty (for example possessing notes during a test or examination or plagiarising an assignment) may face a penalty that ranges from cancellation of the module in which the transgression was committed to permanent expulsion from the University.

Enquiries about matters of student discipline may be directed to:

​​Mr Andrew Munyai (Head)
Telephone: 011 559 2324
Office: E Ring 301, APK

Mr George Walker (Manager)
Telephone: 011 559 6207
Office: 5 Louisa Street, DFC​​