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The Unit provides service to the seven-high performance-sporting codes and five additional competitive codes, in terms of tournament preparation and ensuring the athletes perform at the optimum level academically and on the field.

The Unit’s role is to provide the following services to the atudent-athlete and coaching staff:

  • Identify the scope of sport science, medical and rehabilitation needs within the high-performance sporting codes along with coaches and managers
  • Implement an athlete support programme with the medical services as per the high-performance sporting code’s needs
  • Manage the execution and progress of the periodised plan within each high-performance sporting code to ensure success.
  • Meet with coaches and sport managers to identify the specific needs for the sporting code leading up to major tournaments such as USSA and Varsity Sport tournaments.
  • Providing Sport Psychology and Academic Advice to the Student-Athletes.
  • Training facilities through the gymnasiums

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Jacqueline Du Toit, Manager: Sport Psychology and Academic Advising

011 559 4154

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