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The Doctoral degree at UJ develops the intellectual, research and professional skills of the student. At UJ we provide doctoral programmes that are intense, challenging and stimulating within a heightened learning environment, thereby creating an intellectually rewarding experience. UJ Doctoral graduates are recognised experts who have made distinctive contributions in their fields.

The Postgraduate School (PGS) provides support to the University of Johannesburg’s Doctoral students. This is done through the Postgraduate Funding Management (PFM) area. PFM is responsible for communicating the various postgraduate funding options made available at UJ for Doctoral level of study.

Doctoral students are funded from internal and external funds in order for them to successfully complete their qualifications. Scholarships that are offered under internal funding are categorized as Global Excellence Stature with the research focus on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), and URC funds. URC funds have various sub-categories and are listed as UJ-Commonwealth, URC International, Supervisor-Linked (SLB) bursaries and Special URC. SLB bursaries are available for both the part-time and full-time students.

PFM has embarked on reaching our success plan by increasing number of postgraduate students. Funding for doctoral students are crucial to the university’s goals, hence external funders are assisting the university in reaching these goals. External funders are National Research Foundation (NRF), Department of Science and Innovation and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (DSI-CSIR), Duke CE, Organisation for Women in Science (OWSD) and various Sector of Education and Training Authority (SETA) organisations. Students can only apply when the call for these scholarships is out.

Click here to view the Postgraduate Funding Opportunities PDF document

Student information Session – NRF Postgraduate Funding Opportunities for 2022

The Postgraduate fund management department at the Postgraduate School, in partnership with the UJ Library and NRF hosted an online student information session for Masters and Doctoral Students. This video will help students with the application process and some frequently asked questions.

 Call for Applications: NRF Postdoctoral Fellowships 2024

The National Research Foundation (NRF) is pleased to announce the call for Postdoctoral Fellowship applications for 2024.

Applications must reach the University of Johannesburg by the NRF cut-off date, 05 May 2023.

Applicants must apply on the NRF Connect website at:

Register with your ORCID credentials. Should you not have any, please register on ORCID to gain access.

Remember to ‘Sync’ your CV with the NRF Online Submission CV, should you have one first.

Click here to view the NRF Application and Funding PDF Document
Click here to view the NRF Funding Work frame PDF Document

Applicant Cut-off Date: 05 May 2023

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