About Postgraduate Fund Management

Postgraduate Fund Management (PFM) focuses on funding postgraduate students from South Africa, SADC, the rest of Africa, and other countries. Most of our funding assists researchers with innovative ideas who have the ambition of contributing to the world of researchers by producing publications, academic books, and other research outputs. PFM has internal and external funds which are administered and managed by the PFM staff.

PFM supports postgraduate students at the following level of their studies:

  • PG Diploma/Honours students
  • Masters students
  • Doctoral students; and
  • Postdoctoral fellows

The division has two subdivisions which manage internal and external bursaries (approximately 10% from internal Funders).

First Subdivision: – Internal bursaries are listed as follows; applications are available when the call is through www.uj.ac.za/postgraduate-school

  • UJ Merit bursary (for honours, masters and doctoral students)
  • UJ Honours/Postgraduate bursary
  • Supervisor-Linked bursaries (for masters and doctoral students)
  • UJ Commonwealth Scholarship (doctoral students)
  • URC International Prestigious Scholarship (masters and doctoral students)
  • Global Excellence Prestigious Scholarship (masters and doctoral students)

External bursaries within the first division:

Second Subdivision:
National Research Foundation (NRF) is South Africa’s major research funding agency providing grants to researchers undertaking research projects (grant-holders) as well as scholarships/bursaries to support honours, masters and doctoral students with a research component of at least 50%.

Types of Student Funding from NRF Free-standing scholarship and fellowship: honours, masters, doctoral students and PDRF’s visit their webpage at www.nrf.ac.za.