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Name: Xavier Mbianda
Location: 4166 John Orr Building Doornfontein Campus
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Tel: +27 (0) 11 559 6335


About Xavier Mbianda

Highest qualification PhD
Field(s) of researchOrganophosphorus chemistry; organic polymers and Nano materials applied to water purification and drug delivery systems.
Lecturing: Modules with short description1)      Inorganic chemistry 2 (CETA13)
This module covers:

  • The bonding in Inorganic compounds and the physical and chemical properties of the main group elements in the periodic table

2)     Inorganic chemistry 3 (CET2B15)
This module covers:

  • The theories of chemical bonding.
  • Coordination chemistry
  • The chemistry of the first transition series, the coinage metals(group 11), and the zinc group (group 12)
List of publications (20 most recent)1.       Anny Leudjo Taka, Kriveshini Pillay, Xavier Yangkou Mbianda. Nanosponge cyclodextrin polyurethanes and their modification with nanomaterials for the removal of pollutants from waste water: A review. Carbohydrate polymers,(2017), 159, 94-107. (IF =  4.21 8 )

2.      H. E. Mukaya, R. L. van Zyl, N. J. van Vuuren & X. Y. Mbianda. Synthesis and characterization of watersoluble polyaspartamides containing platinum(II) complex and bisphosphonate as potential antimalarial drug. Polymer bulletin, (In press), DOI 10.1007/s00289-016-1886-x (IF = 1.371)

3.      MEH Ahamed, L Marjanovic, XY Mbianda. Statistical Optimization, Kinetic and Isotherm Studies on Selective Adsorption of Silver and Gold Cyanocomplexes Using Aminoguanidyl-Chitosan Imprinted Polymers. Journal of Advanced Chemical Engineering, (2016), 6 (149), 2.

4.      G Mamba, XY Mbianda, AK Mishra. Gadolinium oxide decorated multiwalled carbon nanotube/tridoped titania nanocomposites for improved dye degradation under simulated solar light irradiation. Materials Research Bulletin, (2016), 75, 59-70. (IF = 2.435)
5.      G Mamba, XY Mbianda, AK Mishra. Photocatalytic degradation of the diazo dye naphthol blue black in water using MWCNT/Gd, N, S-TiO 2 nanocomposites under simulated solar light. Journal of Environmental Sciences (2015), 33, 219-228.  (IF = 2.208)
6.      G Mamba, XY Mbianda, AK Mishra. Enhanced visible light photocatalytic degradation of eriochrome black T and eosin blue shade in water using tridoped titania decorated on SWCNTs and MWCNTs: Effect of the type of carbon nanotube incorporated. Materials Chemistry and Physics (2015), 149, 734-742. (IF = 2.101 )

7.      BA Aderibigbe, K Varaprasad, ER Sadiku, SS Ray, XY Mbianda, MC Fotsing, SJ Owonubi, SC Agwuncha.  Kinetic release studies of nitrogen-containing bisphosphonate from gum acacia crosslinked hydrogels. International journal of biological macromolecules (2015), 73, 115-12. (IF = 3.138 )

8.      HE Mukaya, XY Mbianda. Macromolecular Co-conjugate of Ferrocene and Bisphosphonate: Synthesis, Characterization and Kinetic Drug Release Study.  Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials (2015), 25 (3), 411-418 (IF = 1.308 )
9.      BA Aderibigbe, ER Sadiku, SS Ray, XY Mbianda, MC Fotsing, J Jayaramudu, SJ Owonubi
Synthesis, characterization and the release kinetics of antiproliferative agents from polyamidoamine conjugates. Journal of microencapsulation. (2015), 32 (5), 432-444  (IF =1.631)
10.   G Mamba, MA Mamo, XY Mbianda, AK Mishra. Nd, N, S-TiO2 decorated on reduced graphene oxide for a visible light active photocatalyst for dye degradation: Comparison to its MWCNT/Nd, N, S-TiO2 analogue. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (2014), 53 (37), 14329-14338. . (IF =  2.567 )
11.   G Mamba, XY Mbianda, AK Mishra. Gadolinium nanoparticle-decorated multiwalled carbon nanotube/titania nanocomposites for degradation of methylene blue in water under simulated solar light. Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2014), 21 (8), 5597-5609. . (IF =  2.760 )

12.   S Simelane, BB Mamba, XY Mbianda. A Convenient Procedure for the Synthesis of 6-O-Mono-Phosphate β-Cyclodextrins. Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon and the Related Elements (2013), 188 (12), 1675-1679. . (IF =  0.723 )

13. MEH Ahamed, XY Mbianda, AF Mulaba-Bafubiandi, LjilianaMarjovic. Selective extraction of gold (III) from metal chloride mixtures using ethylenediamine-N-(2-(1-imidazoyl) ethyl) chitosan ion-imprinted polymer. Hydrometallurgy  (2013), 140, 1-13.  (IF =  2.290 )

14. G. Mamba, P. Govender, X. Yangkou Mbianda. Phosphorylated Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube-Cyclodextrin Polymer: Synthesis, Characterization and Potential Application in Water Purification. Carbohydrates Polymers (2013), 98, 470-476 . (IF =  4.21 8 )

15. MEH Ahamed, XY Mbianda,AF Mulaba-Bafubiandi, LjiljanaMarjovic. Ion imprinted polymers for the selective extraction of silver (I) ions in aqueous media: Kinetic modeling and isotherm studies. React. funct. Polym. (2013), 73, 474- 83. (IF = 2.725)

16.   MCD Fotsing, N Coville, XY Mbianda. Dioxirane Oxidation of 2‐Aryl‐1‐vinyl‐1, 1‐diphosphane Dioxide: A Convenient Approach for the Synthesis of Novel 1, 2‐Epoxy‐2‐aryl Ethyl gem bisphosphonates. Heteroatom Chemistry, (2013), 24 (3), 234-241. . (IF =  1.203 )

17.   G Mamba, XY Mbianda, PP Govender. Phosphorylated multiwalled carbon nanotube-cyclodextrin polymer: Synthesis, characterisation and potential application in water purification. Carbohydrate polymers, (2013), 98 (1), 470-476. (IF =  4.21 8 )

18.   AA Muleja, XY Mbianda, RW Krause, K Pillay. Synthesis, characterization and thermal decomposition behaviour of triphenylphosphine-linked multiwalled carbon nanotubes.  Carbon, (2012), 50, 2741-2751. (IF =  6.196)
19.   Muleja AA, Yangkou Mbianda X., Pillay Kr, Krause R. Phosphine functionalised multiwalled carbon nanotubes: A new adsorbent for the removal of nickel from aqueous solutionJournal of Environmental Sciences, (2012), 24 (6), 1133-114. . (IF =  2.20 8 )

20.  VJ Mkhabela, AK Mishra, XY Mbianda. Thermal and mechanical properties of phosphorylated multiwalled carbon nanotube/polyvinyl chloride compositesCarbon (2011), 49 (2), 610-617. (IF 6.196)