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Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Name: Trad-Nogueira Godsey​
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About Trad-Nogueira Godsey​


BA (Samford University), MTS (Harvard University), PhD (UCT)

Dr Trad Godsey researches sociological theories of religion, particularly as they relate to the global Pentecostal Christian movement. He completed his PhD in 2012 in Religious Studies at the University of Cape Town, with the thesis entitled “Spirit and Economy: Pentecostalism and the Afterlives of Max Weber.” Dr. Godsey is interested in the relationship between faith and rational behaviour, such as the impact of Pentecostal beliefs on individual and collective economic practices in Africa. He obtained a Master of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School in 2008, where he had a dual focus on Evangelical Christianity and Contemporary Islam. Previously, Dr. Godsey received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish Literature and Asian Studies from Samford University, located in Alabama, USA, where Dr. Godsey grew up. Despite being unusually handsome, he maintains that it is his wife, Elaine, who is the true picture of loveliness.