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PhD Student
Name: Theo Meintjies
Location: JBS Offices, Ground Floor Johannesburg Business School
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Tel: 011 559 1808


About Theo Meintjies

  • Qualifications/ Education: M.Com Economics (NWU), Hons.B.Com International Trade and Marketing (NWU) and B.Com International Trade and Marketing (NWU)
  • Research interests: The Fourth Industrial Revolution; Technology; Innovation: Employment; South Africa
  • Short narrative bio including: Theo Meintjes is an accomplished economist with working experience in the private and public sector. In his role as Assistant Director in the Industrial Competitiveness and Growth branch of the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic) he has a strong acumen for research and policy development as well as managing policy implementation projects for the public sector.
    • Personal or professional goals: Believing that education is fundamental to achieve and accomplish many aspects of life his next personal goal is to become a PhD in economics. With the reality of imminent technological advances his study’s focus is to understand what the 4thIR means for employment in South Africa. He has advanced public industrial policy development and implementation  experience which he applies to his studies in an effort to address the rising fear of technological unemployment caused by the advent of the 4thIR.
    • He aims to apply his fascination of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as modelling replacements for traditional econometric models in an effort to introduce these alternative technological advances to make sense of complex econometrics.
    • Meintjes, T., 2008. Basic service delivery and fragile regions in South Africa(Masters dissertation, North-West University).