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Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Name: Simon Vurayai
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Tel: 011 559 4182


About Dr. Simon Vurayai

Dr Simon Vurayai is a senior post doctoral research fellow with Ali Mazrui Centre for Higher Education Studies.He holds Doctor of Education Degree in Socio-Education. Dr Simon Vurayai has over 25 publications to his credit. He is a co-editor of 3 book volumes and a sole author of 1 book that have been published so far. His research interests are sociology of knowledge and the curriculum,higher education, digital sociology, sociology of inequality, and gender studies.


Vurayai, S & Muchuweni, N. (2024). Exploring challenges of continuous assessment learning activities(CALA): the case of a selected primary school in Bindura Urban in Zimbabwe, African Perspectives of Research in Teaching and Learning Journal ,1( 8), 93-105

Vurayai S, (2023). Necropsy of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Poverty Penalty in Rural Education in Southern Africa . African Journal of Development Studies Volume 13(4),pp 249-263 Doi:

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Vurayai, S. (2023). Digital Divide and Threats to Heutagogy: A Necropsy of Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood Development in the COVID-19 Pandemic in Zimbabwe. Journal of African films and Diaspora Studies (JAFDIS) (Research on African Films, Diaspora Studies, Performance Arts and Communication Studies),6(3), 27-42.DOI:

Vurayai S, (2023). Gender Asymmetry And Parity Struggle In Higher Education In Africa. Gender & Behaviour, 21 (2), 21776 – 21784.

Vurayai, S.(2023).The effectiveness of parental involvement in supplementary feeding programme at Early Childhood Development (ECD) level in rural Zimbabwe. African Journal of Development Studies. Volume 13, Number 2, pp 115-134 3649/2023/v13n2a6

Vurayai, S. (2023). From Academic Coconuts to Knowledge Custodians. Unyoking African University Knowledge, 97–119.

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