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Senior Lecturer in Constitutional and Human Rights Law
Name: Roxan Laubscher
Location: A Ring 702 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Tel: 011 559 4137


About Dr. Roxan Laubscher

Roxan Laubscher (Venter) was born in Roodepoort, Johannesburg. After matriculating with 5 distinctions in 2004 she obtained a B.Com Law degree in 2007, a LLB degree in 2009 and a LLM degree in 2010 all from the University of Johannesburg. All of which she obtained cum laude. Her master’s degree in Constitutional Law titled “Die Grondwetlike Reg op Lewe: ’n Ontleding van Enkele Vraagstukke” was awarded the University of Johannesburg Chancellor’s Medal for best master’s dissertation in 2010. She joined the UJ Faculty of Law in 2011, lecturing Constitutional Law to second year LLB students. In 2014 she joined the Faculty on a permanent basis. She obtained her doctorate in 2016 with a thesis titled “Demokrasie en die reg op Vryheid van Uitdrukking”. She has presented papers at various international and local conferences and has published in various reputable journals and books on topics in constitutional, administrative and human rights law.

List of publications:

Laubscher, R “Overview of the Constitutional judgments on the Bill of Rights – 2021” 2022 TSAR 356-369

Laubscher R & Žuber B “The relationship between constitutional and administrative judiciaries and adjudication in the Slovenian and South African legal orders” in Fourie E & Škerl JK (eds) Universality of the Rule of Law. Slovenian and South African Perspectives (2021) 29-52

Van Staden MJ & Laubscher R “Unfair (and unlawful) dismissals and the powers of the public protector – Chubisi v South African Broadcasting Corporation (SOC) Ltd and Others (J 1169/20) [2020]” 2021 Tydskrif vir Hedendaagse Romeins – Hollandse Reg 564-574

Laubscher, R “Overview of the Constitutional Court judgments on the Bill of Rights -2020” 2021 TSAR 312-328 ISSN 0257-7747 (ISI)

Laubscher, R “The COVID-19 lockdown regulations and the courts’ irrational rationality-test De Beer v Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (21542/2020) [2020] ZAGPPHC 184 (2 June 2020) Fair Trade Independent Tobacco Association v President of the RSA (21688/2020) [2020] ZAGPPHC 246 (26 June 2020)” 2021 (1) THRHR 110-121

Venter, R and Bradley, MM “Heads of states in violation of the law: a typology of the responsibility framework and its effectiveness from a domestic, regional and international perspective” in Strydom, S and Botha, J Select Essays on Governance and Accountability Issues in Public Law (2020) 55-98

Venter, R and Bradley, MM “Legal Certainty in Terms of Head-of-State Immunity from an African and an International Perspective: The Article 27(2) Conundrum” in Hugo, C and Möllers, TMJ Legal Certainty and Fundamental Rights (2020) 53-84

Laubscher, R “Overview of the Constitutional Court judgments on the Bill of Rights – 2019” 2020 TSAR 308-322

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Venter, R “Are some official languages more equal than others? Reflections on constitutional duties toward official languages, the Use of Official Languages Act and respecting diversity” 2015 TSAR 872-886

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