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Prof Talita Dalton Greyling

Associate Professor
Name: Talita Dalton-Greyling
Location: D Ring 222 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: +27 (0)11 559 2586


Curriculum Vitae Talita Dalton-Greyling

About Prof Talita Dalton-Greyling

My research is done in the field of well-being economics and development economics. I have published in the top ranked journals in this field of study and am currently the co-editor for Economics of the leading journal in in subjective wellbeing, namely the Journal of Happiness Studies.

I have been involved with multiple international research projects and I am an active member of ISQoLS (Institute for Quality of Life Studies) and have been fortunate enough to present research at international conferences on a regular basis as well as being the keynote speaker at a conference on Quality of Life, which was held in Auckland (2017).

Masters and PhD students in the field of development economics and well-being economics have been supervised by me I’ve been the external examiner of many PhD and masters theses.

I lecture development economics at an Honours and Masters level and I am the subject head for development economics since 2016. I also act as an external examiner for a number of subjects at various academic institutions.

Academic History

PhD in Economics, University of Johannesburg 2014.

Best PhD thesis in the School of Economics and Econometrics – 2014.
Editorial positions
Co-editor Journal of Happiness Studies (Springer).Impact Factor 2.3

Most Recent Publications

  • Greyling, Talita; Rossouw, Stephanie; Adhikari, Tamanna (2020): Happiness-lost: Did Governments make the right decisions to combat Covid-19? GLO Discussion Paper, No. 556, Global Labor Organization (GLO), Essen
  • Greyling, Talita; Rossouw, Stephanie; Adhikari, Tamanna (2020): A tale of three countries: How did Covid-19 lockdown impact happiness? GLO Discussion Paper, No. 584, Global Labor Organization (GLO), Essen
  • Rossouw, Stephanie; Greyling, Talita; Adhikari, Tamanna; Morrison, Phillip S. (2020): Markov switching models for happiness during a pandemic: The New-Zealand experience, GLO Discussion Paper, No. 573, Global Labor Organization (GLO), Essen
  • Greyling, C. T. & Greyling, L. 2007. The effects of displacement on the economic development of a community with special reference to the !Xun and the Kwe. Conference Proceedings. African Economic Conference, September 2007.
  • Greyling, C. T., 2008. Urban refugees: Definitions, legal positions and well -being in
    South Africa. Conference Proceedings. Annual Forum of the Trade & Industrial 2008.