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Faculty Of Science Physics Kaushik Mallick

Name: Kaushik Mallick
Location: C2-Lab 222 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: +27 (0) 11 559 2368


About Prof Kaushik Mallick


B. Sc. (Honors) in Chemistry, Calcutta University, India, 1990

M. Sc. (Specialization in Physical Chemistry) Magadh University, India, 1994

Ph. D. Magadh University, India, 1999


  • Composite material, Coordination chemistry
  • Nanotechnology
  • Conjugated and electroactive polymer
  • Catalysis
  • Soft condensed mater physics

Work experience

Senior scientist, MINTEK (Science council of South Africa), 2007-2012.


  • ​​Journal articles : 50 (Total citation : <500), Book chapters: 6 Emergence of paramagnetism in organic macromolecule during synthesis. Journal of Macromolecular Science : Physics, 51 (2012) 134-141. K. Mallick*, Michael Witcomb, Rudolph Erasmus, Andre Strydom.
  • Conjugated polymer stabilized palladium nanoparticles as a versatile catalyst for Suzuki cross-coupling reactions for both aryl and heteroaryl bromide systems.
    Catalysis Science & Technology, 1 (2011) 308-315.
    R. U. Islam, M. Witcomb, M. Scurrell, E. van der Lingen, W. Otterlo, K. Mallick*
  • Paramagnetic polyaniline nanospheres,
    Chemical Physics Letters, 494 (2010) 232
    K. Mallick*, M. Witcomb, M. Scurrell, A. Strydom
  • Low temperature magnetic property of polymer encapsulated gold nanoparticles
    Journal of Applied Physics, 106 (2009) 074303
    K. Mallick*, M. Witcomb, R. Erasmus, A. Strydom
  • Optical, microscopic and low temperature electrical property of one dimensional gold-polyaniline composite networks
    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 42 (2009) 095409
    K. Mallick*, M. Witcomb, M. Scurrell, A. Strydom
  • Polymer encapsulated metal nanoparticles: optical, structural, micro-analytical and hydrogenation studies of a composite material
    Nanotechnology 19 (2008) 075708
    S. Scalzullo, K. Mondal, M. Witcomb, A. Deshmukh, M. Scurrell, K. Mallick*
  • Directional assembly of the polyaniline functionalized gold nanoparticles
    Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 19 (2007) 196225
    K. Mallick*, M. Witcomb, M. Scurrell.