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Prof Hansie Wolmarans

Emeritus Professor
Name: Hansie Wolmarans
Location: B Ring 709 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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About Prof Hansie Wolmarans

Professor Hansie Wolmarans (Ph.D.—Greek) has been a member of the Department of Greek and Latin Studies for the past 33 years. His basic area of specialization is semiotics applied to Greco-Roman studies (visual as well as literary). He has published 83 articles on subjects as diverse as textual criticism, the Greek New Testament, Greek Linguistics, Rhetoric and the Science-Religion debate. He has published or co-authored 12 books mainly on topics related to the New Testament or Post-Modern Christian theology. Currently he is doing research on the motif of the resurrection in the Greco-Roman mystery cults. His teaching areas are Greek Grammar, Greco-Roman philosophy, New Testament, Classical Mythology, and Greco-Roman mystery cults. Six doctoral students and thirteen MA students finished their studies under his supervision. About 194 articles appeared in various newspapers, magazines and online, mostly on religious topics (popular scientific). A large number of international scholars have been hosted by Prof Wolmarans at this Department.


BA Admission (RAU); Hons Classical Languages, Greek and Latin (RAU); BD (University of Johannesburg); MA Greek (University of Pretoria); Ph.D. Greek (University of Potchefstroom)

Teaching Experience

Full Time

1974-1975: Research Assistant, Dept of New Testament, Faculty of Theology, UP
Part-time lecturer for Greek 1 (1975)
1976-1977: Lecturer, Dept of Greek, UP, teaching Greek 1 (Grammar), Greek 2 (New Testament), Greek 3
1978-1993: Lecturer, Dept of Greek & Latin Studies, RAU (teaching Greek language, translation, New
Testament, Patristics, Drama; Roman History, Latin Grammar)
1993-1996: Senior Lecturer, Dept of Greek & Latin Studies, RAU (teaching Greek language, grammar,
translation, New Testament, Patristics, drama, Classical Culture).
1996-2000: Associate Professor, Dept of Greek & Latin Studies, RAU ((teaching Greek language, grammar,
translation, New Testament, Patristics, drama, Classical Culture)
2000: Promoted to Full Professor Dept, Greek & Latin Studies, RAU. (teaching Greek language, grammar,
translation, New Testament, Patristics, drama, Classical Culture)
2002-Current: Appointed Head of Dept of Greek & Latin Studies, RAU / University of Johannesburg (teaching
Greek language, grammar, translation, New Testament, Patristics, drama, Classical Culture)


Lectured in Latin, Greek, introduced and expanded program in Classical Mythology (Religion). This applied to pre- and post-graduate.
Member of Faculty of Arts
Member of Senate
1996-2004: Member of the Organising Committee, Gespreksgroep: Kerk-Universiteit.
2002: Faculty Representative of RAU’s Quality Care Committee.


Delivered 6 D-graduates. Delivered 10 MA graduates. Evaluation for lecturing capabilities by bureau for tertiary education, being evaluated as outstanding.

Post Graduates

Master’s Students Completed

Landon, CH. 1987. A Semiotic Analysis of James, Chapter One (MA, Greek, RAU).
Jordaan, PJ. 1991. ’n Semiotiese Ondersoek na Jakobus 2:1-13. (MA, Greek, RAU).
Nolte, SP. 1991. ’n Semiotiese Analise van Jakobus 3:1-12. (MA, Greek, RAU).
Smith, SM. 1992. Die Mensbeeld in die Jakobusbrief (MA, RAU).
Taljaard, NW. 1992. Kohesie in Markus 5:1-20. (MA, RAU). Semmelink, JW. 1994. ’n Semio-Strukturele Analise van die Jakobusbrief. (MA, Greek, RAU).
Oliphant, A. 1995. Die Funksie van die Epiloog van die Jakobusbrief. (MA, Greek, RAU).
Doyle, A.H. 2002. Husbands and Wives: Dysfunctional Marital Relationships in Greek Tragedy. (MA, Greek, RAU).
Dutton, J. 2006. The Rape of the Sabine Women in Ovid’s Ars Amatoria 101-134. (MA, Latin, University of Johannesburg).
Miles, AC. 2007. Conflicting Aspects of Character in Euripides’ Medea. (MA, Greek, University of Jhb).
Steyn, R. 2008. Archangel Michael as “Icon” in the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Periods. (M.A. Greek, University of Jhb).

Doctoral Students Completed

Jordaan, PJ. 1998. ’n Semiotiese Analise van die Kolossensebrief. (D.Litt. et Phil. RAU).
Van Zyl, SM. 2000. Intertekstualiteit in Jakobus 3:13-4:12. (D.Litt et Phil, RAU).
Oliphant, A. 2000. ’n Semiotiese Analise van die 1 Petrus brief. (D.Litt. et Phil., RAU).
Katramadou, K. 2000. The Greek Diminutive. (D.Litt. et Phil., RAU).
Doyle, A.H. 2008. Archetypal Simulacra: The Women of Aeschylus’ Oresteia. (D.Litt. et Phil., Greek, UJ).
Athanasopoulou, E. 2008. The Motif of Love in The Helen and The Alcestis of Euripides (D. Litt. et Phil., Greek, University of Jhb).

Current Post Graduate Students Enrolled: Seven MA students; Three Doctoral students

Subject Related Activities

1993-1994: Treasurer of the Classical Association of SA.
1994-2000: Treasurer of the Workgroup for the Teaching of Greek.
1993-2004: Chairperson of the subgroup, “General Literary Theory and General Linguistics” of the New Testament
Society of SA.
2002-2006: Executive secretary of the New Testament Society of SA (two terms).
1993-2004: Served on the editorial board of Neotestamentica (official journal of the NTSSA).
1993-2001: Editor in Chief of Lewende Woorde, journal promoting the sermon as art form.
2000-2009: Acts as external examinaner for Magisterial and Doctoral students of the University of Pretoria,
University of Natal, University of South Africa, University of Stellenbosch, and Potchefstroom University
(Now University of the Northwest). Acts as evaluater for various scientific journals.
2003-2009: Founder member and vice-chair of the New Reformation Network (a scholarly society aimed at the
reformation of Christian Theology).

Membership of Scholarly Societies

Member of the Classical Association of South Africa.
Member of the New Testament Society of South Africa.
Member of the Society for Patristic and Byzantine Studies of South Africa.
Member of the South African Society for General Literary Theory.
Member of the Society of Biblical Literature, and the American Academy of Religion.
Vice President: New Reformation Network (2003-2008).

Visiting Scholars

Was instrumental in the visits of the following scholars to RAU: Proff. John Fitzgerald en Abe Malherbe (1996: Yale Divinity School), Prof Caroline Osiek (1997: Chicago, Catholic School of Theology), Prof. David Aune (Loyola) as well as Prof. John Fitzgerald (Yale) in 1999. Prof Heinrich von Staden (then Yale, now Princeton); Prof John Dominic Crossan (2002); Prof HFJ Horstsmanhoff (Leyden) in 2003; Prof Jos Verheyde (Leeuven) in 2003; Dr John Cairns (Queen’s chaplain, Edinburgh) in 2003; Prof Wentzel van Huyssteen (Princeton Theological Seminary), 2004. Prof John Fitzgerald (Miami) in 2006; Prof David Richerson (University of California) in 2006; Prof John Fitzgerald (University of Miami) in 2007; Dr John Shelby Spong (Newark) 2007; Prof John Fitzgerald (University of Miame, 2008).

External Examiner

Acts as external examiner for MA and Doctoral candidates for the Potchefstroom University, the University of Pretoria, UNISA, as well as the University of Stellenbosch.

Related Activities

Minister (part-time) in various congregations of the Dutch Reformed Church of Africa (Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk) from 1977 to 2002. Founded the first multicultural congregation of this church in Leondale, during 2000. Since 2004 minister in association of the Uniting Presbyterian Church of St Columba’s in Parkview. Chair of Christian Education Committee 2005-current.

Since 1984, takes part in religious and actuality programmes on radio (RSG and SAFM) and TV (SABC, CNW), inter alia, The Big Question, Carte Blance, Kompas, Kruis en Kroniek, en Oop Gesprek.

Community Service

Served on the Management Committees of various schools.
Served on the Management Committee of the JCE Music School 1995-1998.
Served as vice-chair of WARM (Local Residents’ Ratepayers Association) 1998-1999; 2004-2009.
Serves as secretary of the local Ward 69 Committee, and represents religious organisations (2001-2003).
Delivers papers on various popular scientific themes at study groups of church ministers and enthusiastic church members.


First recipient of a bursary from the Greek community in 1971 and 1972 (RAU).
Awarded the second prize in the annual CNW-Kerkbode competition for the best religious broadcast during 1998.
Co-receiver of the Andrew Murray award for CUM’s Bybellennium (2000).
Awarded the prize for the best student in Strategic Management (Entrepeneurship, 26 March 2001 at the Dept of Business Management, RAU).

Research Activities

National Conferences

Delivered 33 papers at national conferences since 1986 (Mainly Classical Association of SA, and New Test. Soc. of SA, but also Medieval Association of SA, Hellenism and Africa). On the 27th September 2002 I was invited to give a lecture at the Sol Plaatje Discourse Series (Aardklop Arts Festival) at the then University of Potchefstroom. (“The New Reformation”).

International Conferences

Delivered a paper at the international conference of the Society of Biblical Literature in Philadelphia in 1996.
Delivered a paper at the international conference, Orthodoxy in Africa, Johannesburg, 2001, as well as the international conference, “Orthodoxy: Facing the Social and Economic Problems of Africa. The Contribution of Monotheistic Religions to their Solutions.” (Johannesburg, 2005).
Attended the Sea of Faith conference at Liverpool, 25-27 July 2008.

Articles (Scientific)

The following articles appeared mainly in Zeitschrift für die Neutestamentliche Wissenschaft, Akroterion, S.A. Journal of Linguistics, Religious Studies Review, Neotestamentica, Hervormde Teologiese Studies, In die Skriflig, Acta Patristica et Byzantina, and Ekklesiastikos Pharos. Where my name appear in squared brackets, the article emanated from a dissertation of which I was the supervisor.

Wolmarans, J.L.P. 1982. Primêre Taalversteuring en die Onderrig van Klassieke Grieks. Akroterion 27/3&4:15-27.

1983. Towards the Interpretation of James 1:9-11. Ekklesiastikos Pharos 65:27-34.

1984. The Text and Translation of Hebrews 8:8. Zeitschrift für die Neutestamentliche Wissenschaft und die Kunde der älteren Kirche vol. 75 1/2:139-144 [Quoted in the new Bauer Lexicon on the New Testament, under memphomai].

1984. Semiotiek en die Bestudering van die Nuwe Testament. S.A.V.A.L. Kongresreferate: 113-135.

1988. Aristoteles se Verlore Werk oor die Komedie. Middeleeuse Studies. (Publikasiereeks van die Randse Afrikaanse Universiteit, C50:13-23.)

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2008. Narrative Perspective in Acts 4:23-31. Ekklesiastikos Pharos, 90:176-100.

Scientific Books

Van Rensburg, J.F.J. & Wolmarans, J.L.P. 1987. Van Lessenaar na Preekstoel. Johannesburg: Woordmeesters .
Wolmarans, J.L.P. & Windell, J.H. 1988. Euripides Alkestis: ‘n Moderne Vertaling. Johannesburg: Woordmeesters.
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Cronjé, J., Oliver, W., Swart, G., Van Rensburg, F.J., Wolmarans, J.L.P. 19954. Grieks met Begrip. Potchefstroom: P.U. vir C.H.O. Sentrale Publikasies.
Wolmarans, J.L.P. 2000. Classical Mythology in Context. Johannesburg: Dept. of Greek & Latin Studies, RAU.

Chapters in Books

Wolmarans, J.L.P. 2002. Die Nuwe Hervorming. In Müller, P. (Ed.). Die Nuwe Hervorming. Pretoria: Protea Boekehuis, pp. 63-66.
Wolmarans, J.L.P. 2002. Jesus, die Heroïese Patroon, en Ons. In Müller, P. (Ed.). Die Nuwe Hervorming. Pretoria: Protea Boekehuis, pp. 196-224.
Wolmarans, J.L.P. 2008. Die Libido in die Brief van Jakobus. In Nortjé-Meyer, L. (Ed.). KykWeer! Gender-kritiese kommentaar op geselkteerde bybelse tekste. Singapore: Tien Wah Press.

Popular Scientific

More than 190 articles appeared since 1978 in various magazines and newspapers, e.g. Die Hervormer, Beeld, and, especially, Lewende Woorde.