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Name: Paul Landau
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About Prof. Paul Landau

Professor Landau is a historian of southern Africa. His recent book, Popular Politics in the History of South Africa, 1400 to 1948 (Cambridge University Press), was a runner-up for the Herskovits prize for the best work in African Studies in 2010. (His first book, on Botswana, The Realm of the Word: Language, Gender and Christianity in a Southern African Kingdom, 1995, was similarly shortlisted.) He has written about images, ideas, and perceptions among ordinary people in the past, for instance, in “Transformations in Consciousness” for the Cambridge History of South Africa (2010), and in his co-edited book, Images and Empires: Visuality in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa (Univ. of Cal., 2002). His most recent work focuses on revolutionaries in the early and mid-20th centuries in South Africa, building toward his coming book, Spear: Nelson Mandela and the Revolutionaries, 1960-63. Since 2011, he has also been a Fellow in Historical Studies at the University of Johannesburg.

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