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Name: Osita Ossai
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About Dr. Osita Ossai

Dr Osita Ossai has background qualifications in Educational Psychology, and specifically, research interest in Gender studies and Child developmental psychology. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Education and English, and masters and doctorate degrees in Educational Psychology at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka Nigeria. He has attended several academic conferences and published over 35 articles in reputable national and international journals. Dr Ossai has more than six years of teaching and research supervision experience at the university level. He is a registered member of the Nigerian Council of Educational Psychologists and Association of Childhood Educators of Nigeria. Dr Ossai has performed some academic leadership positions at the University of Nigeria, including Conference Publicity Secretary as well as member Faculty of Education Research Ethics Committee and the Information and Communication Technology Committee in the faculty of education. He has a penchant for academic excellence, and is endowed with astonishing social and interpersonal skills. He also possesses skills and ability for independent and collaborative research; leadership and administrative qualities; and high level of problem-solving ability. He is currently a Senior postdoctoral research fellowship in the Department of Childhood Education, Faculty of Education University of Johannesburg. In 2022, he received the UJ Post Graduate School Research Excellence Award for the second-year category.   He is being supervised by an erudite academic and Head of Department, Childhood Education, Prof Sarita Ramsaroop