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RCD Administrative Assistant
Name: Nkosiyethu Ntuli
Location: Office G06, Akanya Building Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: 011 559 7395


About Mr Nkosiyethu Ntuli

Nkosiyethu Ntuli completed his Postgraduate Diploma in the field of Operations Management from the University of Johannesburg. He is currently an Administrative Assistant at the Research Capacity Development, Postgraduate School, University of Johannesburg. His current responsibilities focus on supporting the Research Capacity Development team to administrate the Unit related projects, programmes, workshops, and events. A professional individual capable of achieving the greatest standards in areas such as customer service, programme and project planning; operations management, report writing, and administration. I credit my accomplishments to my capacity for efficient time management, task prioritization, and taking the initiative to tackle challenging issues. The goal is providing quality services to stakeholders and ensure that all RCD related enquiries are attended to as quickly as possible.