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Glenda Connoll

Name: Glenda Connoll
UJ Wholesale and Retail Seta Chair Gauteng Governance Board  Staff Members

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About Ms Glenda Connoll

Ms Glenda Connoll
General Manager: Learning & Development at PNS Group
Education, Remedial Education, History, Speech and Drama
Credit Management
Assessing and Moderating: SETA Accredited

Originally a teacher, Glenda started her career in retail when she joined the staff of GS1 South
Africa and the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa. While there, she worked closely with
FoodBev SETA in the development of CGCSA to be an ISOE (Institute of Sectoral and
Occupational Excellence). Glenda was a member of the Scarce Skills Committee and
Curriculum Development Interest Group of FoodBev SETA, a project leader on the GS1 Global
Training Council, the lead project manager of the Global Wine Traceability Workgroup as well
as a core member of the Traceability Audit & Certification Workgroup & the Global Fresh
Produce Identification Workgroup.
Glenda left CGCSA to start her own training & consulting business, building on her extensive
experience in the training, skills development and global standards arenas in South Africa.
For the past 4 years, Glenda has been employed by The PNS Group as GM for Learning &
Development. Continuing her strong links with both retail and W&R SETA, she sits on the
W&R SETA Advisory committee and is passionate about using learning as a means to change
and improve people’s lives.