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Sivaan Marie

About Mr Sivaan Marie

Mr Sivaan Marie
Human Capital & Transformation Director
Chartered HR Professional and certified Lead HR Auditor

Sivaan Marie is a skilled negotiator and an accomplished business coach,
experienced at securing optimum people performance in business. He has extensive
executive and board level experience, gained in general business management, as
well as the specialist fields of Human Capital, Compliance and Governance,
Transformation Management and Executive Coaching, across multiple industries
and in varied businesses.
Sivaan’s education spans the fields of Law, Management, Leadership, Transformation
and Executive Coaching.
He presently serves as Human Capital & Transformation Director within a leading JSE
Top 40 company, with global reach, where he is tasked with providing strategic
leadership and overseeing research, development, design, and implementation of HR
best practices. He is responsible for the development of leadership capacity, business
performance optimization, organizational transformation, talent development and
management as well as strategic resourcing.
He has served the SABPP in various capacities over the years; chairing board sub-committees and certified as Lead HR Standards Auditor etc. He presently serves on
its HR Governance Committee.