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Name: Neil Badenhorst
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About Mr Neil Badenhorst

Mr Badenhorst is a lecturer in the Graphic Design department and is the current second year coordinator. Mr Badenhorst teaches across the undergraduate program including units such as drawing, illustration, direct marketing, zine making and more. Mr Badenhorst has been recognised for his creative practice by institutions such as the Loeries (craft certificate obtained in 2019), Design Indaba and Between10&5. Mr Badenhorst is currently studying towards a PhD in Art and Design, his study is concerned with collaborative queer worldbuilding in illustration.

Journal articles:

  • ‘Field Notes: An Intuitive Approach to Worldbuilding in Illustration’, AMPS Journal article to be published in August 2024.

Conference presentations:

  • ‘Field Notes: An Intuitive Approach to Worldbuilding in Illustration’. AMPS conference: Teaching Beyond the Curriculum conference, hosted by Louisiana State University, The Glasgow School of Art and Wenzhou-Kean University. November 2023.
  • ‘Building Worlds for Visual Narrative’. Narrative Matters conference, hosted by the University of Tampere. June 2023.
  • ‘Between Worlds’. Romancing the Stone conference, hosted by SAVAH and DUT Digifest. September 2022
  • ‘Leaving Home: The Illustrated Fantasy World as A Crisis Heterotopia’. Making & Interpreting Art in 2021 conference, hosted by SARchI. June 2021.