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Khuthadzo Tshishonga

Name: Khuthadzo Tshishonga
Location: 2201B John Orr Building Doornfontein Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: +27 (0) 11 559 6375


About Khuthadzo Tshishonga


MSc – Biotechnology, University of Johannesburg
BTech – Biotechnology, University of Johannesburg
National Diploma – Biotechnology, University of Johannesburg


Teaching and research support
Managing the technical preparation of laboratory
Supporting the lecturers in the efficient running of the laboratory sessions
Facilitate and coordinate undergraduate practicals
Manage, maintain and repair the equipmentRecent Publications
Tshishonga, K. and Serepa-Dlamini, M.H. (2020) Draft genome sequence of Pseudarthrobacter phenanthrenivorans strain MHSD1, a bacterial endophyte isolated from the medicinal plant Pellaea calomelanos. Evolutionary Bioinformatics, 16, p.117693432091325.

Tshishonga, K. and Serepa-Dlamini, M.H. (2019). Draft genome sequence of Enterobacter hormaechei strain MHSD6, a plant endophyte isolated from medicinal plant Pellaea calomelanos. Microbiol Resour Announc 8:e01251-19. 01251-19