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About Prof Johan Snyman

Johan Snyman has been appointed as Professor Emeritus at UJ Philosophy since 2012 where he previously served as Professor of Philosophy for 34 years. Professor Snyman holds a doctoral degree in Philosophy from the former RAU and has published papers in distinguished local and international journals such as the South African Journal of Philosophy, Literature and Theology, and Filozofski Vestnik. He was a member of the Southern African Society of Philosophy, the International Association for Aesthetics and the International Society for Genocide Studies. He is past vice secretary-general of the IAA (1992-5).

Professor Snyman’s research interests are the aesthetics of Theodor Adorno, and the issue of how to deal with a problematic past in former totalitarian/authoritarian societies. In 2017, he is supervisor to GES postdoctoral fellowship award winner, Dr. M. Pauwels.

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