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Name: Gbenga Michael Adeyeye
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About Dr. Gbenga Michael Adeyeye

I am Dr. Gbenga Michael Adeyeye. I hold a National Certificate in Education (N.C.E), B.Sc. (Ed), M.Ed. (Adult education and community education), and D.Ed. in Socio Education. I am a scholar and educator, I am well-balanced (in principle and practice), goal-oriented and emotionally stable. I have demonstrated the potential to conduct high impact research through my past and on-going scholarly efforts. I have a strong knowledge of educational studies with a special interest in socio education

My research interests are in education and social issues such as social, economic and cultural capital, school discipline, gender and resilience. My doctoral work focused on the academic performance of rural and urban secondary school students in South-Western Nigeria. In my dissertation, I demonstrated the existence of educational imbalances in society. Also, I identified reasons for the differences in the academic performance of school learners using economic, social and cultural capital theory and mixed-method research approach.