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Research Fellow
Name: Ellen Chipango
Location: 69 Kingsway Ave, Auckland Park, Johannesburg, 2092 Johannesburg Business School
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Tel: 011 559 1189


About Dr Ellen Chipango

Ellen Fungisai Chipango obtained her PhD from the University of Johannesburg and her thesis focused on the rural electrification-ecological sustainability nexus in Zimbabwe. She was awarded an African Pathways NIHSS–CODESRIA scholarship for her doctoral studies. Currently, she is a Research Fellow at the DSI/NRF Trilateral Chair in Transformative Innovation, the 4IR and Sustainable Development, University of Johannesburg. Her current research interests include political ecology of energy transitions and the ethics and morality of energy decisions and policy.


PhD in Development Studies, University of Johannesburg

MSc in Development Studies, Women’s University in Africa

B.A (Honours), University of Zimbabwe

Research interests

Energy and environmental justice

Political ecology

Social justice and rural development

Policy processes within development bureaucracies



Chipango, E.F. (2022). Between a rock and a hard place: Negotiating gender, forest laws and capabilities for fuelwood access in Zimbabwe, Geoforum, 132(2022):42-51

Chipango, E.F. (2022). Political ecologies of energy poverty in Zimbabwe, GeoJournal,

Chipango, E.F. (2021). Beyond utilitarian economics: A capability approach to energy poverty and social suffering, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, 22(3):446-467.

Chipango, E.F. (2021). Constructing, understanding and interpreting energy poverty in Zimbabwe: A postmodern perspective, Energy Research and Social Science, 75(2021): 1-9.

Chipango, E.F. (2018). Reinterpreting energy poverty in Zimbabwe: A scalar perspective, Journal of Political Ecology, 25(1): 205-220.


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