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Name: Yusuf Feltman
Location: B404 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
Department of Education and Curriculum Studies  Staff Members

Contact Details:
Tel: 011 559 2904


About Dr Yusuf Feltman


Language Education, Educational Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, English as a Foreign Language, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages


Language Learning and Teaching:

Pedagogies, Contexts, Theoretical Perspectives, Literacy;

Language Teacher Education: Experiential Learning – Work-Integrated Learning, Service

Learning, Mentorship for Initial Teacher Training and In-service Teacher Professional

Development; Issues in Applied Linguistics: English as Language of Learning and Teaching Psycholinguistics: Language Learning Motivation, Language Teacher Self-Efficacy


Highest qualification:

PhD (Education), University of Stellenbosch, South Africa


Undergraduate modules:

ALE00Y1 – Academic Literacy for Education, MPFENY – Methodology and Practicum English FET phase (PGCE)


Postgraduate modules:

BEd (Hons) Language, Literacies and Literature: Modules – Theories in Language, Literacies and Literature: Current Issues in Language (HCIL00Y), Literacies and Literature, Research methodology and design in Language, Literacies and Literature (HRML00Y), Research project in Language, Literacies and Literature (HLPL00Y).



Chair of the Faculty of Education Plagiarism Committee