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Name: Sarah Godsell
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About Dr Sarah Godsell

Dr Sarah Godsell completed her Honours degree on the history of the small town Rooiberg in 2008, with a focus on the dynamics of the town after the life-force of the town, the tin mine, closed down. Both her MA and her PhD (Blurred Border’s of Belonging:Hammanskraal Histories 1942-2002, 2015) were on the area north of Johannesburg, Hammanskraal. Focal points of the thesis included an engagement with spatial theory, looking how Hammanskraal has different histories and was different things to different people at different times. This engagement is pushed further into South African historiography, calling for investigations into multiple, simultaneous histories, and examining how space is seen in South African history. Her current work is interested in how history is learnt by education students, and what this means for how these future teachers understand the concept of history, and so how they will work with it in our primary school classrooms.