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Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Name: S K Kummara
Location: John Orr Building 7168, Doornfontein Campus
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About Dr. S K Kummara

Dr Kummara is a postdocoral fellow working in the field of Condensed matter physics (Nanomaterial science) in particular nanostructures since 2014. He has been always interested to develop novel materials for different applications. At present he is working on nanocomposite materials for supercapacitor, spintronic and multi-state memory applications. He synthesized variety of nanostructures by using hydrothermal, sol-gel, combustion, chemical refluxing, microwave assisted combustion, solid state reaction and chemical co-precipitation method. Mostly he worked on multiferroic perovskite, dilute magnetic semiconductors, energy storage and photocatalytic materials. In the lab Dr Kummara and his team designed chemical combustion method to synthesize various nanostructured materials. To date, he has attended many national and international conferences in my research period. One of his papers got the best paper award in conference during his tenure as a Ph.D student. He has authored and co-authored close to 20 papers in reputable journals, which have cited 177 times. These publications have culminated into an h-index of 8 and i-10 index of 7.