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Dr Melanie Van Rooy

Group Marketing Director - Dischem
Name: Melanie van Rooy
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About Dr Melanie van Rooy

Dr Melanie van Rooy is currently the Group Marketing Director for Dis-Chem Pharmacies. She is a highly driven and creative Marketing Exec with a keen interest in Marketing Analysis and the use thereof to improve Marketing strategies. Her background in Econometrics and Marketing has given her the opportunity to understand and implement the causalities that drive consumer behaviour. She is a strong believer in the power of a brand. Dr Mel is an extrovert and an analyst which is a peculiar combination. But it works for her! Her objective in life is to extract as much living and loving out of her relationships and career as possible. She strive for the optimum levels of work-life balance and try and lead those in her teams to do the same. To be an inspirational leader in every area of her life is of key importance to her and she never stops learning. Dr Mel is married to Herman and they are the parents of four young adults.