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Name: Loïse Jeannin
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About Dr Loïse Jeannin

Dr Loïse Jeannin is passionate about adult education and teacher professional development in multicultural environments. Her Ed.D dissertation with Walden University (United States) was on Professional development needs of faculty members in an international university in Thailand. She is an economics and management teacher (BSc & MSc., Paris School of Economics) and has taught in various international universities in France (Paris) and Thailand (Bangkok). As a teacher, Loïse enjoys empowering adult learners to develop their potential and grow professionally. She succeeded at the national competitive examination to teach economics and management in France (Agrégation, 2008) and was ranked first at the national level. Loïse conducts postdoctoral research on inclusive/multicultural education and teacher professional development in international universities. She will continue participating in international conferences and looks forward to pursuing research on her topics of interest.