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Name: Kelemu Zelalem Berhanu
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About Dr Kelemu Zelalem Berhanu

Dr Kelemu Zelalem Berhanu from Ethiopia. He obtained his doctoral degree from Akdeniz University, Turkey in 2020 with a specialization of Education Management, Inspection, Economics and Planning. He received two master’s degrees in education, Administration, supervision, economics and planning and clinical psychology from Akdeniz University, Turkey and Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, in 2018 and in 2014, respectively. He has worked in Arba minch University and Debre Markos University, Ethiopia, in the position of lecturer and Assistant Professor, respectively. He participated in various international congresses (e.g., the 9th International Congress on New Trends in Education, and the 26th International education sciences Congress). He is involved in ongoing projects on School Improvement Projects and Enhancing Leadership Competency.