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Name: Dr. Hanrie Bezuidenhout
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About Dr. Hanrie Bezuidenhout

Hanrie is currently a PDRF within the NRF SARChI chair for ‘Integrated Studies of Learning Language, Mathematics and Science in the Primary School’ in the Faculty of Education. The overarching aim of her research is to develop open access research-based teaching materials and validated assessment instruments for early numeracy and robotics teaching. Integrating her teaching experience with research knowledge forms the foundation of her research approach. She utilizes a researcher-educator collaborator ecosystem, working co-creatively with teachers and other researchers to translate assessment- and teaching materials in several South African languages. Her current projects include i) the development and translation of numeracy and mathematics vocabulary assessments; ii) the translation of a series of numeracy story books; iii) the development of a series of robotics story books; iv) creating an in-service teacher coaching program for early grades numeracy and reading – in collaboration a SARChI chair CoP for ‘Social Systems Strengthening to Improve Child Well-being Outcomes’; v) conducting some of the first functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) study’s for mathematics vocabulary development in Africa; and v) creating a South African web-service for South African teachers, researchers, parents and teacher educators. She serves on the Editorial Board of the South African Journal of Childhood Education and co-supervises several postgraduate students.