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Name: Beatrice Akala
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About Dr Beatrice Akala

Dr. Beatrice Akala is a Post- doctoral fellow, University of Johannesburg. Until recently, Beatrice was based at the University of Witwatersrand, school of education as a PhD student, researcher, academic tutor and examiner (education psychology, philosophy and sociology) and teaching experience (TE) supervisor. Beatrice is a researcher; her research interests are in the area of human rights and democracy in education. Her current research interests and outputs are in the following areas; gender, equity and equality policies; higher education transformation policies and social justice. Beatrice is also a research assistant, working with a team that is looking at rurality in South African higher education (South African Rurality in Higher Education -SARiHE). She is also qualified as a Kiswahili educator, which she has taught in various institutions in Kenya and South Africa.