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Name: Andries du Plessis
Location: Library Building Room 1.05 Soweto Campus
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About Andries du Plessis

​​​At the beginning of 2013, Dr Andries du Plessis was appointed by the Faculty of Education in the Department of Childhood Education. Before joining the University of Johannesburg (UJ) in his new role as a senior lecturer at the Teacher Education Campus in Siyabuswa (Mpumalanga) he worked at both secondary and tertiary educational institutions.

Twitter: @tinfoilstar​

Linkedin: aduplessis

Apart from teaching, experiences gained during his role as ICT manager at secondary schools provided him with the necessary insights into the complexities of ICT integration in education. His strategic approach to ICT for education is two-fold: Firstly, technology as an organisational transformative enabler. Secondly, he seeks fit-for-purpose technological solutions to satisfy the demands of 21st Century teaching and learning.

This two-pronged approach stems from his academic focus, namely the Internet and its societal effects on learning and knowledge sharing. In particular, he continues to study the so-called network effect using Social Network Analysis as a research methodology. Social Network Analysis provides metrics to investigate, amongst others, the various characteristics of networks, revealing how connectivity patterns affect behaviour, performance, learning, knowledge diffusion and resource flows through such communities. This research methodology is also particularly apt for a deeper understanding of learning environments, since learning is a social phenomenon governed by relationships. His thesis, completed in 2005, used Social Network Analysis (SNA) as a method to investigate communication patterns in an online community. It has since influenced his theorising about a global, interconnected world in which just-in-time learning through expansive global social networks has become the norm rather than the exception.

Currently responsible for Teaching Studies 1A and Teaching Studies 1B in the B Ed Foundation Phase teacher training programme he also provides guidance to school management teams in terms of ICT integration strategies. His community involvement includes, amongst others, developing multiple literacies for teachers and their managers.

Educational Qualifications

• 2012: MCom (Bridging Course), University of Johannesburg
• 2009: ITIL Foundation Phase, EXIN
• 2008: Advanced Certificate in Organisational Studies, UNISA
• 2005: DPhil (Information Science), University of Pretoria
• 1990: MA (History), University of Johannesburg
• 1987: BA (Hons), University of Johannesburg
• 1986: BA (Ed), North-West University

Research Interests

Andries continues to conduct research about the network effect, grounded in the view that learning is a social phenomenon governed by relationships. In a highly interconnected world, this research is particularly apt, since teachers’ and pupils’ knowledge and problem-solving networks shed light on various aspects governing educational environments. Specific foci include School Administration systems and organisational efficiency, Knowledge Management in educational environments, and Communities of Practice geared towards subject matter experts.

Contact details
Tel: +27(0)13 973 9102/3/4
​Fax: +27(0)13 973 9105
Office: Library Building Room 1.05, Siyabuswa Campus