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Name: Andile Mayekiso
Location: D Ring 502 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Tel: 011 559 4297


About Dr Andile Mayekiso

BA (Rhodes University)

BA Honours (Rhodes University)

Master of Arts in Development Studies (Sociology) (Rhodes University and Maastricht University)

PhD in Social Anthropology (University of Cape Town)


Research Interests: Masculinities, youth cultures, HIV/AIDS, gender and sexuality, relationships, religious belief systems in Africa, indigenous knowledge systems and governance.

Andile is a lecturer at the University of Johannesburg in the department of Anthropology and Development Studies. He holds a doctoral degree in Social Anthropology obtained from the University of Cape Town. His thesis title: ‘Ukuba yindoda kwelixesha’ (‘To be a man in these times’): Fatherhood, marginality and forms of life among young men in Gugulethu, Cape Town. His thesis examines how young, marginalised men in Gugulethu, a poor township in Cape Town, formulate their conceptions of fatherhood and fathering, and understand their roles and involvement with their children.

Before joining UJ, Andile worked as a project manager for a very large cohort study of an intervention in neighbourhoods of Khayelitsha and Mfuleni townships in Cape Town. This large randomized control trial focused on HIV & drug abuse prevention for South African men. He worked closely with researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

In 2008, he joined the Children’s Institute of UCT as a researcher to conduct ethnographic fieldwork of infants’ born to HIV-positive mothers in Gugulethu Township.


Selected Publications

Mayekiso, A & Mawere, M. 2018. Insecurities and ethical dilemmas of the filed: Reflections on insecurities and ethical dilemmas encountered by male researchers in a South African place” In Development Naivety and Emergent Insecurities in a Monopolised World: The Politics and Sociology of Development in Contemporary Africa. Langaa RPCIG, Bamenda: Cameroon.

Kodi, B. A., Tomlinson, M., Mayekiso, A., Bantjes, J., van Heerden, A., Rotheram-Borus, M. J. 2017. Criterion Validity of Self-Reports of Alcohol, Cannabis, and Methamphetamine Use Among Young Men in Cape Town, South Africa.

Rotheram-Borus, M. J., Tomlinson, M., Mayekiso, A., Bantjes, J., Swendeman, D., Harris, D. M., & Weiss, R. E. 2017. Gender-specific HIV and substance abuse prevention strategies for South African men: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials. Submitted.

Mayekiso, A & Mawere, M. 2015. Traditional Healers and Medicine in South Africa: A Quest for Legal and Scientific Recognition. In Between Rhetoric and Reality: The State and Use of Indigenous Knowledge in Post-Colonial Africa.

Mawere, M., & Mayekiso, A. 2014. Traditional leadership, democracy and social equality in Africa: The role of traditional leadership in emboldening social equality in South Africa: International Journal of Politics and Good Governance. International Journal of Politics and Good Governance: Volume 5, No. 5.3.