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About DR. Akwasi Amoako-Gyampah

Senior Lecturer, Department of History History, University of Education, Winneba, Ghana 

currently work at the Department of History Education, University of Education, Winneba as a Senior LecturerAfter completing my BA Honours degree in History (with Political Science) at the University of Ghana, Legon in 2009, proceeded to do a Master’s degree in Historical Studies at the University of Johannesburg which I completed in 2012. My UJ MA was awarded with cum laude. I completed my PhD at UJ in 2019 and I was a recipient of a UJ Global Excellence and Stature Scholarship. My doctoral dissertation which was supervised by Professor Natasha Erlank examined the management of sanitation and public hygiene in the Gold Coast (present day Ghana). I am generally interested in the Histories of Medicine, Public Health, Sanitation and Hygiene; Labour History, Economic History, and History of History. My current project is ‘Sanitation and Public Hygiene in Colonial and Post-colonial Ghana.’ My scholarly contributions have appeared in leading international journals including, Capital, Labour and Society (2012)International Journal of African Historical Studies (2014), Ghana Studies (2014), Journal of Asian and African Studies (2014), Contemporary Journal of African Studies (2014), and African Review of Economics and Finance (2015).  

Selected Publications 

Amoako-GyampahAkwasi. “Cogs in the Wheel: Teacher Unions and Public Sector Strikes in Post-apartheid South Africa, 1999-2010”, Labour capital and society-Travail capital et société, 45, 2012, pp. 84-110. 

Amoako-GyampahAkwasi. (2014). Black Board Struggles: Teacher Unionism Under the ‘Democratic’ Rawlings Regime 1992-2000”, Ghana Studies2014, 17. 7-38. 10.1353/ghs.2014.0007. 

Edmond Akwasi Agyeman and Amoako-GyampahAkwasi “Cross-Cultural Ties between Ghana and Egypt: The Agency of the Egyptian Community in Accra, Ghana”, African Human Mobility Review, 5(2), August 2019, pp. 1637-1650. 

Amoako-GyampahAkwasi. “Inherently Diseased and Insanitary? The Health Status of the Gold Coast [Ghana] from the 18th to the late 19th Century”, Nordic Journal of African Studies, 27(1), November 2018, pp. 1-24. 

Amoako-GyampahAkwasi. When the chalks are down: the political economy of teachers’ unions protest actions under Ghana’s Fourth Republic”, Revista Brasileira de Política e Administração da Educação – Periódico científico editado pela ANPAE, 34, September 2018, pp. 349-370. 10.21573/vol34n22018.86364. 

Amoako-GyampahAkwasi. “Teacher Unions in Political Transitions: The South African Democratic Teachers’ Union (SADTU) and the Dying Days of Apartheid, 1990-1993”, Journal of Asian and African studies. 49(2), May 2013, pp. 148-163. 10.1177/0021909613479302. 

Amoako-GyampahAkwasi. “Striking Where it Hurts: The Political Economy of Graduate Teachers and Labour Relations in Ghana’s Public Education Sector,” African Review of Economics and Finance 2374-3670, 7(2), December 2015, pp. 61-83.